The Photographer

Peter Wilcock studied at Blackpool College of Art and the Regent Street Polytechnic in London. A lifelong association with newspapers followed, including 25 years at the top of his profession, working firstly for the Daily Mail and latterly the Daily Express Group in Manchester, followed by a period of freelancing for the Press Association. 1980 saw Peter win the coveted North West News Photographer of the Year award.
A keen sportsman Peter has covered Premier League Football for all his career at Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton including several FA Cup and Rugby League Finals. Test Cricket, Formula 1 Motor Racing and his particular favourite the Isle of Man TT, which he has covered unbroken for 15 years, taking the event to his heart and becoming a member of the TT Supporters Club and contributing articles to their magazine.

The Spider

The Redback Spider * (Latrodectus hasselti ) is encountered regularly in many areas of Australia. The female of the species is about 10mm in length and has a black velvet-like body with a red or orange stripe on the upper surface of the abdomen. It makes loose webs in places containing stacked goods, rubbish etc. It is also found outdoors and webs have been found under toilet seats!
Bites are usually painless, with intense pain felt after about five minutes. Symptoms include localised sweating at the bite site, muscular weakness, lack of co-ordination, paralysis, tremors, nausea, vomiting, local swelling, dizziness or fainting, palpitations and fever.

The Backgound

A deep passion for wildlife and remote places is reflected in Peter’s unique animal studies and dramatic landscapes, whilst his extensive library encompasses all the diverse assignments of a top Photographer from Showbiz (Coronation Street and Brookside) , to Politicians, light features and hard news.
He is a qualified Teacher and has lectured on Photography at the Central Lancashire University and at Colleges in the North West.
His association with the Redback Spider began on a visit to his son in Perth, Western Australia, when rummaging through the garden shed he was given a nasty nip by a Redback called 'Bruce', however the male being the least deadly of the species, need I say more, he survived and named his Agency in honour of this small but deadly Antipodean Arachnid.